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Deposit “Tengri forward”

Tengri forward — receive interests for the entire deposit term simultaneously on the date of deposit arrangement by transfer to the individual’s current account.

Deposit currency  


Deposit term

3, 6, 12 months

Deposit minimum amount

KZT 100 000, USD 300

Deposit replenishment

not envisaged

Claiming a part of the deposit

not envisaged

Deposit prolongation

not envisaged

Periodicity of payments

simultaneously on the date of deposit arrangement (prepayment)

Interest payment

to the current account

Deposit maximum amount

KZT 500 million or USD 1,5 million

Early termination

upon early termination of the deposit, the interest is accrued under the terms of the Agreement  

The deposit is subject to compulsory insurance under the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On mandatory insurance of deposits placed with second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.


Deposit interest*:

Deposit period, months




Interest rate in KZT

12.2% (13.2%)

12.2% (13.4%)

12.2% (13.9%)

Interest rate in USD

1.0% (1.0%)

1.0% (1.0%)

1.0% (2.0%)

*the annual effective interest rate is indicated in brackets