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Deposit “Bonus five!”

  • Open a deposit «Bonus Five!»
  • Get the money prize for in New Year!
  • The term of Promotion is from 11.12.2017 to 11.01.2018

Procedure and Conditions of promotion «5+!»

1. General provisions

1.1 Initiator of promotion «5+!» (hereinafter, Promotion): JSC «Tengri Bank» (hereinafter, Bank).

2. Place (area) of the promotion:

2.1 Promotion is held in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sales point of Bank: branches and divisions.

3. Term of promotion:

3.1 Term of deposit opening is from 11.12.2017 to 11.01.2018, closing is by 25.07.2018.

4. Target group

4.1 Individuals concluded bank deposit agreement “Bonus Five!” with the Bank (hereinafter, BDA) during the period from 11.12.2017 to 11.01.2018 in the national currency with the initial amount of at least 50,000.00 (fifty thousand) tenge, did not decrease the amount and did not terminate the BDA during six months from the date of BDA.

4.2 Promotion covers all depositors and holders of the Bank’s cards meeting the terms and conditions of the Promotion.

5. Terms and conditions of Promotion

5.1 Each customer, when opening a bank deposit «Bonus Five!» during the period from 11.12.2017 to 11.01.2018 is offered a money prize in the form of additional amount of 10 000 (ten thousand) tenge after expiration of six months term.

5.2 The money prize is credited to the current account accessible through a card Visa Classic Unimbossed of the customer, issued within the BDA upon expiry of 6 (six) month, during 30 business days.

6. Final provisions

6.1. Participation in the promotion, in particular, entering into BDA with the Bank confirms that a Participant has fully agreed with the present Terms and Conditions.

6.2. Please, send complaints related to organization of promotion to email address The Bank shall consider the complaints pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6.3 Bank reserves the right at any time to cancel or prolong promotional event, change current conditions as the case may be. The Bank shall timely inform the Participants about the changes in the conditions of the promotion.