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Deposit certificate

Deposit certificate — a non-issue registered security, certifying the rights of its holder to get, upon expiry of the circulation period or prior to its expiry, its nominal value, also interest in the amount established by the issue terms and conditions.

Benefits of the Deposit certificate:

1. High interest rates. Maximum rate 18,7 % per annum.

2. Indexation of the bank Deposit certificate nominal value.

3. Individual approach to the client.


KZT. At the request of the client it is allowed to issue the bank deposit certificate with indexation of its nominal value

Offering period

12, 24 and 36 months

Bank deposit certificate nominal value minimum amount

KZT 1 000 000

Offering period Nominal interest rate, annual
without indexation of the nominal value with indexation of the nominal value
12 months 16,0 % 5,0 %
24 months 17,3 % 5,5 %
36 months 18,7 % 6 %