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ico_pdf"Zolotaya Korona" money transfer tariffs

The system of reliable financial services "Zolotaya Korona" is recognized in the RK as one of the most effective banking products that allows online money transfers without opening an account.

"Zolotaya Korona" means:

  • Speed - a remittance may be received a few seconds after it has been sent.
  • Convenience - it is enough to specify only the country and city where the transfer is sent. The beneficiary will choose the most convenient point to receive a transfer.
  • Control - You may check the status of the remittance around the clock on-line on the website of Zolotaya Kororna - Money Transfer service.
  • Affordability - a transfer commission is some of the lowest. Currency of remittance - ruble, US dollar, euro, and national currency - tenge. Валюта перевода - рубли, доллары США, евро, а также национальная валюта тенге.


Zolotaya Korona payment system offers the opportunities for the country population, allowing in the short time window to make express payments and transfers on favorable terms of interaction with the bank. In Kazakhstan, the users have become accustomed to

  • Receiving and transferring funds;
  • Servicing of loans;
  • Replenishing bank card accounts;
  • Exchanging currency at optimal rate, etc.  

Service usability

Thanks to Zolotaya Korona services, users of the bank of JSC "Tengri Bank" may make transfers to any country in the world. To do this, just specify the country and the city. Moreover, the user may specify the point where the addressee will receive money.

As for the choice of currencies, this payment system allows you to make transfer in

  • Russian ruble;
  • US dollar;
  • Euro;
  • Kazakhstani tenge.


Any city of Kazakhstan where operates JSC "Tengri Bank", accepts money transfers from the population on the standard terms, which require certain documents

1. For RK citizens:

  • Application for receipt/transfer;
  • Identity document;
  • Additional documents in accordance with legal requirements of RK, as the case may be.

2. For persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Application for receipt/transfer;
  • Identity document;
  • Document confirming registration, the right of stay in the country, unless the other documents have been provisioned by the international treaties ratified by RK;
  • IIN, if the foreigner is a taxpayer in Kazakhstan too, other documents in accordance with legal requirements of RK, as the case may be.