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PNB Money Transfers to India

Tengri Bank offers a reliable, low cost and prompt way of money transfer to India.


  • Remittances are carried out in KZT/USD, you will send KZT/USD – receive Rupees;
  • From the client’s current account or without opening of a bank account;
  • Remittances are carried out throughout India among over 6000 branches of Punjab National Bank, as well as to other banks at Your discretion;
  • Profitable and flexible tariffs.


Remittance in INR





Remittance to the client’s account of Punjab National Bank


KZT 2 500

KZT 30 000

The rate of INR and USD is fixed by the Treasury unit of the Bank.

Remittance in favor of clients of other banks of India.


KZT 4 600

KZT 45 000


Introduction of changes to details and terms and conditions of remittance, recall, cancellation of remittance accepted by the Bank

KZT 1 500




Introduction of changes by the Bank’s client to details or terms and conditions of remittance, recall, cancellation of the accepted by the bank beneficiary and/or bank correspondent, execution of the request for performance of the remittance

KZT 10 000