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  • Flexible schedule of loan repayment;
  • Availability of terms and conditions including all loan expenses; 
  • Feasibility of early repayment;

Loan "Tengri Resident"

The loan for acquisition of equity in housing construction

Basic lending terms and conditions

Currency of lending


Lending period

up to 10 years

Lending amount up to

KZT 50 000 000

Initial installment

at least 10 % of the equity value in construction of the residential property

Early repayment

allowed, at any time, without any penalty


the residential property to be acquired, coming into ownership in future


by the authorized body’s decision

Rate of return

from 10 % per annum*(Annual effective interest rate from 10.6%)


- for loan application review – KZT 0
- for loan arrangement – KZT 0*

* For detailed terms and conditions please contact the Bank office or phone 3434 (mobile call is free).