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  • Flexible schedule of loan repayment;
  • Availability of terms and conditions including all loan expenses; 
  • Feasibility of early repayment;


Express credit

Loan for any purpose!

Refinancing of loans with possibility to receive additional amount!

Lending terms

  • Loan value – up to 5 000 000 tenge
  • Loan term – up to 60 months
  • Special lending terms for the Bank’s partner-companies;
  • Special lending terms for holders of the Bank’s Pay Roll cards


General terms and conditions

Loan currency tenge
Loan term    Up to 60 months 
Loan value   Up to 5 000 000 tenge
Preterm repayment    Any time without penalties
Interest rate **   from 23% per annum (from 29,5%)
Commission Organization fee 5 % or 0 % if customer chooses no commission terms ***    

* the Bank may request other documents
** the annual effective interest rate is specified in the parentheses
*** detailed terms are available at the Bank’s branch

Loan by one document

Unsecured and for any purposes

Minimum monthly payment without excess payment