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  • Flexible schedule of loan repayment;
  • Availability of terms and conditions including all loan expenses; 
  • Feasibility of early repayment;

Education loan

Lending parameters General terms and conditions
Brief description  For payment of tuition in the framework of the State system of student loans  
Requirements to a borrower  Age not less than 16 years
Lending currency     KZT
Credit line period     Up to 10 years

Maximum credit line
tranche period  

Not more than credit line period
Credit accommodation

In tranches in the framework of opened credit line for each   session by transfer to the Higher Educational Institution’s account

Early repayment Permissible, at any time, without penalties
Grace period Delay in principal debt payment for the period of training time and six months after completion of training upon application by the borrower.

Requirements for availability of co-borrower

In case if the borrower has no income – availability of the co- borrower is mandatory


Guarantee of JSC “Financial center”


Not required

Rate of return

from 20% per annum* (Annual effective interest rate from   22.3%)


For loan arrangement 1% or 0% in case of selection by the client     of terms and conditions without commissions**

* — Approved by the Management Board decision dated 27.06.2016, №46.
** — For details of terms and conditions you may approach the Bank branches.

Unsecured and without restriction of loan amount

Lending period up to 10 years

Loan repayment after graduation