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  • Flexible schedule of loan repayment;
  • Availability of terms and conditions including all loan expenses; 
  • Feasibility of early repayment;

Loan Against Deposit

Lending parameters General terms and conditions
Lending currency   Deposit currency
Lending period    Up to 7 years
Lending amount   95 % of the deposit amount, net of the trigger balance amount
Early repayment Permissible, at any time, without penalties    
Collateral/Guarantee Deposit
Rate of return 2% per annum (Annual effective interest rate from 2%)
Commissions    For encashment of loan funds 0,3% from the amount or 0% in case of selection by the client of terms and conditions without commissions**

* Approved by the Management Board decision dated 13.02.2016, №13.
** — For details of terms and conditions you may approach the Bank branches.