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Concerning dividends payment on ordinary stocks of «Tengri Bank» JSC


Joint-stock company «Tengri Bank» JSC (hereinafter - Bank) in accordance with decision of annual general meeting of shareholders of the Bank, held on May «28», 2018 and by clause 2 of article 23 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Joint-stock companies» informs Bank shareholders on dividends payment on ordinary stocks:

1) Name of Bank – Joint-stock company «Tengri Bank»; location – 42 Abai ave., Almaty, 050000, Republic of Kazakhstan; banking and other requisites of joint-stock company - BIC TNGRKZKX, BIN 950740000130, IIC КZ46125KZT1001300275 in MOAD of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, BC 14, residency characteristics -1, economy sector - 4;

2) dividends payment period – 2017;

3) size of dividend to one ordinary stock – 20 (twenty) tenge;

4) dividends initial payment date – From June 05, 2018, shareholders list drawing date, who have right to receive dividends on ordinary stocks of the Bank – as of 00 hours 00 minutes of Astana time on May 01, 2018;

5) dividends payment procedure and order – one-time, single payment, non-cash by requisites of shareholders in system of Bank shareholders registry.

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