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On Internet-client replacement for legal entities


Dear customers of JSC «Tengri Bank»,

We hereby inform You that on 01 November 2016 JSC "Tengri Bank" (hereinafter – Bank) carries out migration to a new automated banking system. Taking into consideration that the current system "Internet client for legal entities" does not ensure integration with a new banking system, the Bank acquired a new internet client system – RBS-Corrects version 2.2 from BSS vendor, ensuring taking/delivery of financial information between the client-legal entity and the Bank.

Thus, from 1 November 2016 upon taking/delivery of financial information, clients of the Bank, legal entities, connected to the current "Internet-client" system are to use a new system RBS-Corrects version 2.2, so as the current system will be disconnected from 1  November 2016.

Decisions of BSS vendor:

  • used by more than 1700 banks and branches of Russia and the near abroad, as well as above 55% of TOP 100 level banks. The market analysis showed  that by RBS-BSS decision it is used by majority banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • ensures direct integration with 1C.Enterprise system, enabling clients of the bank to  stop using the client subsystem of RBS (remote banking service) (Online-client and offline-client).
  • the interface was really improved, by virtue of which the following tasks were settled:  
  • external appearance of the  decision is timely, clear and friendly for use;
  • quick access was given to basic functions of the product;
  • system services was regulated;
  • elaboration quality was improved;
  • opportunity is given to the user to work with the system major version  on various devices.
  • access to the most required information in the system is always quick and clear;
  • system does not require user preference of the operation interface, to be convenient to work, moreover, adjustability is envisaged;
  • system interfaces have intelligent behavior and propose only those actions which are current on the relevant screen irrespective of the user’s bank products composition;
  • system is adapted for work on touch screen.  


  • Opportunity will be provided to legal entities, clients of the Bank, having logins and e-toking, ensuring access to the current system "Internet client for legal entities", from 1 November 2016 for its use to login to a new system RBS-Corrects version 2.2, without replacement to new and accordingly additional payment for connection.
  • User’s instruction manual and access address to a new internet bank system RBS-Corrects version 2.2 to ensure doing business as a going concern of clients of the Bank already connected to the new internet-client system will be additionally forwarded to You up to 1 November 2016.
  • The Bank is planning to arrange webinars (distance learning) for clients – legal entities, also by client’s request.

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