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Sports events in the city of Pavlodar



Annually Pavlodar Branch of National Bank and the Pavlodar Bank Club organize sports actions on the Day of National currency. This year this event is special as it has coincided with the 20 anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan. Pnb Kazakhstan Branches in Pavlodar participated in all the events.


This year competition was in  4  type of sports: mini-football, volleyball, joyful start and darts. As judges professionals were invited. The events are from November 2 till November 5, 2011. On November 2nd our team has played with team of the Pavlodar Branch of Halyk Bank and the Pavlodar Branch of The Subsidiary Organization Joint Stock Company VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and, having beaten them, has reached the final. Final games will be played on November 5th.


We congratulate our colleagues and we wish good luck in the final!




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