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Dear Customers!  

According to the Republic of Kazakhstan’s legislation, from January 1st 2012, all bank operations will only be possible if individual identification number (IIN) and business identification number (BIN) are presented to the bank.  


Please may all customers, both individuals and legal bodies give us documents confirming the IIN/BIN presence, at one of the addresses of JSC “SB “PNB Kazakhstan” bellow by January 1st 2012.

Individual Identification Numbers (IIN)is a unique number formed for an individual person (12 digit number code included into ID cards since January 1st 1998 or in passports, specified on page 32 in the text read out by machine).

Business Identification Number (BIN) is identification number for legal bodies (branches and representation offices) or the individual businessman who is carrying out business activity in the form of join business.

From January, 2012 ID Documents of both residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be invalid should they lack IIN:  


  • — passport of resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • — ID Card;  
  • — residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • — ID Cards of persons without citizenship;  
  • — registration certificate for foreigners and persons without citizenship in cases of Lack of ID documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To get more information please contact us to following addresses:

Head office:

Almaty city, Dostyk Avenue, 91/2

Telephone number: 7 (727) 244 34 34


Almaty city, Dostyk Avenue, 91/2, 1st floor, office1 

Telephone number: 7 (727) 244 34 34, 244 34 30

Astana city, Bigeldinova Street, 5

Telephone number: 7 (7172) 23 60 50, 23 70 60

Pavlodar city, Lenina Street, 119

Telephone number: 7 (7182) 32 38 41, 32 04 88

Karaganda city, Kostenko Street, 6

Telephone number: 7 (7212) 41 41 62, 42 57 55

Visit us at:



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