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Tariffs for legal entities

А) For clients-legal entities, branches and representative offices of legal entities, also farm household and individual entrepreneurs,  notaries and advocates, private legal executives and professional mediators.

 1. Opening, management and closing of bank accounts (.pdf)

0 2. Remittance operations (.pdf)

0 3. Conversion operations (.pdf)

0 4. Cash operations (.pdf)

 5. Foreign exchange control (.pdf)

 6. Other commissions of the Bank (.pdf)

 7. Other commissions on Internet Banking (.pdf)

 8. POS terminals (.pdf)

 9. Payment card operations (.pdf)

B) Tariff packages for budget organizations and companies of the group JSC “Samruk-Kazyna and companies of the group  JSC “NMH “Baiterek”

 10. Tariff packages for state funded organisations and the group of companies of JSC “Samruk Kazyna” and the group of companies of JSC “NUH Baiterek” (.pdf)

C) Tariff package for embassies

 11. Tariff package for embassies (.pdf) 


Tariff for correspondent-banks on LORO accounts

  12.For correspondent-banks on LORO accounts (.pdf)