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  • Flexible schedule of loan repayment;
  • Availability of terms and conditions including all loan expenses; 
  • Feasibility of early repayment;

Program for regional financing of SMB entities of Pavlodar region

Parameters of lending

General terms and conditions

Brief description

Financing of small and medium business entities of Pavlodar region

Financial instrument

Credit line/one-time loan

Target group of clients

Small and medium business entity, being the same under the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, complying with the terms of the Program and officially registered and implementing /planning implementation of the project of financing on the territory of mono-cities, small towns and rural arrears of Pavlodar region.


immovable/movable property, complying with the terms of the Bank Collateral policy

Currency of lending


Maximum amount of loan

30 000 000

Period of credit line/one-time loan

  1. for acquisition of new and modernization of fixed assets — not more than 84 months;
  2. for working capital financing — not more than 36 months.

Availability of credit line

not more than 18 months from the date of concluding the loan agreement.

Target purpose

1) for acquisition of new and modernization of fixed assets ;
2) for working capital financing.

Early repayment

No moratorium for early repayment


It is taken by the authorized body decision

Nominal interest rate

8,5% per annum (annual effective interest rate from 9,2%)


for arrangement of issuance of one-time loan/ first tranche under the credit line — 1% of the one-time loan /credit line amount
Other commissions — as per the Bank tariffs