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    Compliance control service

    Dear clients and partners of JSC “Tengri Bank”! 

    You are welcome to the official site of the Compliance control service of JSC “Tengri Bank”.

    Our Bank, as a reliable financial institute, pays special attention to development and improvement of the internal control and compliance risk management system.

    The Bank carries out compliance risk management on principle of superiority of the applicable law of the Republic of Kazakhstan over the Bank’s own interests expressed in its internal documents and decisions of bodies, officials and heads of the Bank units.  

    For the purpose of arrangement of the compliance risk management process, the Compliance control service is established in the Bank, directly reporting to the Bank Board of Directors.  

    The Compliance control service exercises control over compliance of the Bank activity with legislation requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory legal acts of the authorized body, internal documents of the bank, regulating the procedure for rendering of services by the bank and conducting operations at the financial market, as well as legislation of foreign states, having impact on the bank activity.

    Any person may approach the Compliance control service in case of revealing:

    • Acts of infringing by the Bank or Bank employees of the applicable law, including regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal procedures of the Bank.
    • Corruption offences and fraud acts with participation of Bank employees.
    • Illegal disclosure of banking secrecy by Bank employees.
    • Acts of legitimization of laundering of proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism using services of the Bank.
    • Conflict of interest with participation of Bank employees.
    • Business ethics rule breaking by Bank employees.
    • Other violations related to the Bank activity.

    In order to forward a message to the Compliance control service, You may use the form “Authorized appeal”. To use this form it is required to click the link below “Authorized appeal”.

    If You prefer not to indicate your personal data, You are entitled to forward an anonymous posting, using the form “Anonymous report”. The Compliance control service in this case retains the right to accept/not to accept the anonymous reports for review.

    Authorized appeal

    IIN — individual identification number — a unique number, to be formed for n individual, including individual entrepreneur, carrying out the activity in terms of personal entrepreneurship. IIN is indicated in the identity document of the citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    Note: for non-residents the field IIN is not mandatory for filling.



    *mandatory field
    ** Maximum length of the appeal is not to exceed 1000 characters.

    Anonymous report